Men’s favorite t-shirt styles change with time but some classic variations are always a delight to wear in any season. For example, trendy & classic crew neck tees and polos within seasonal colors with coordinating accessories can combine to make a perfect outfit for just about any occasion! As most men are fashion conscious these days, they have learned it is not always necessary to follow trends blindly. While buying t-shirts there are various things one should consider: 

Neckline: The neckline of the t-shirt should be smooth and do not resist the neck movement
Fit: the fit will depend upon the body posture, so check the measurements twice as the tee is supposed to give a perfect fitting
Sleeves: If it is a half-sleeve t-shirt style then it should not exceed the biceps.
Length: The length of the t-shirt should lie at the belt

Edrio offers some basic and versatile tshirt for men. Have a look at the must-haves:


    One of the most staple and must-have wardrobe essentials is a “White T-shirt”. White is considered to be the color of simplicity. It can go well with any dark shades or light shades like white on white, pink on white, or blue on white. One basic outfit would be a crisp tucked-in plain white T-shirt and a pair of chinos or jeans to finish off the look in a simplistic yet elegant way.

    White T-shirt Edrio

    Wearing a white t-shirt allows you to make your very own style statement. You can enjoy wearing a crisp, clean button-down denim shirt for almost any occasion whether it is a party, date night out, shopping day at the mall, or office casual day - we could go on and on because this versatile color goes with everything!


      Recently, the polo tee has become extremely popular among men. Nowadays, there are numerous variations to the basic design. Some styles feature long sleeves while some are sleeveless. Others still have armbands on their sleeves or have dropped shoulders.

      Polo T-shirt Edrio

      The polo is also an important aspect of the streetwear college style, which many men adopt. It is one of the most versatile clothing options, and you can style it in multiple ways. One way to add some style and excitement to your daily apparel is to switch up your subtle accessories such as wristbands or tennis shoes with something a little more exciting like leather bracelets or funky color socks.


        Who said men can’t wear florals? Are you one of them who enjoys experimenting with prints and colors? Then this floral t-shirt is just made for you. To burst this myth we have come up with this floral and quirky tee. Many people might think floral is just a feminine print but florals are one of the top trends followed by gazillions of people.

        Floral Print T-shirt

        Nowadays, not only women but men can rock floral prints as well. This oversized t-shirt comes in a dark green base with a lilac floral touch. If you are planning for a vacation to goa or just want to go for a swimming class then Edrio comes in handy. We offer you a wide range of floral tees which comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.


          Choosing which t-shirt to wear can be one of the toughest decisions to make. With all the different options available and so many styles at your door, you might not know where to start! One way to help make this decision easier for you is by keeping in mind what sort of impression you want your outfit to make on other people.

          Graphic T-shirt For Men

          If you love humor, choose t-shirts that have some funny quotes. If you’re a TV show fanatic, pick a tee that represents your favorite show. Such a t-shirt quotes style can be a great conversation starter. If you’re a gym lover you can always opt for some funky t-shirts with an attitude that clearly shows how much you love the gym.


            Sleeveless tees are versatile pieces that you can have in your closet for some fun and quirky look. This t-shirt is sleeveless and has a hoodie for the underground rapper look. Hit the gym in style with this sleeveless white tee sporting a hooded neckline. The hooded neckline comes with a drawstring pattern.

            Sleeveless Hoodie T-shirts For Men

            It also looks amazing if you want to go out for a run or go to a quick yoga session. It is not only fashionable but also practical at the same time as it comes with pockets above the hem. Pair it up with shorts, joggers, or even jeans for a casual look. Team it up with sneakers and a cool watch.

            Whether you want to get an uber-cool look or a sophisticated look, Edrio has it all. Explore the wide range of T-shirts only on Edrio. Select from a wide range of Cool & Trendy Printed Quirky T-Shirts for men today. Shop now!