Is Athleisure the New Vogue?

Is Athleisure the New Vogue?

There was a time when loungewear such as track pants and oversized t-shirts indicated that you are either lazy or you have given up. Basically, it was a sign that you are not serious in life.

Cut to 2022 and the concept of loungewear has evolved entirely.

People who moved to active wear for its comfort and function are now shifting again. But this time, to athleisure wear that provides the best of both worlds- the comfort of loungewear with the utility of activewear and not to forget, the designs of runway fashion.

If you were about to give up on your quest to find apparel that perfectly syncs style, function, and comfort, we suggest you do not give up yet. Keep reading to know why.

Athleisure Has a New Meaning

Would you ever imagine wearing your priced stilettos with your sweatpants? No? Think about one of Rihanna’s public appearances. Now, you would consider trying blazers with track pants or heels with hoodies, wouldn’t you?

Athleisure clothing is not just a combination of loungewear with activewear. In fact, it is a mindful fusion of leisure and luxury. It reflects a superior lifestyle.

India is slowly adopting the concept of athleisure wear. Well-researched brands are making it a point to deliver the essence of athleisure clothing to people.

However, there are brands that are promoting activewear in the name of athleisure. But as a conscious customer, you must be wary of the differences between these various categories of clothing.

Features Distinguishing Athleisure from Its Counterparts

Athleisure wear is a multi-utility piece of clothing. It is not meant to strictly adhere to a specific activity. Instead, it is designed to be suitable for almost all the activities.

Whether you are going shopping or to work or even if you are hitting the gym, athleisure wear is designed to be comfortably sported in all places without losing functionality as per the occasion.

Athleisure wear evolved from being just recreational wear. With our lifestyles getting busier, athleisure wear adapted to be suitable for even formal events.

Aesthetically speaking, athleisure wear looks like a union of designer outfits and leisure wear.

Reasons Behind the Increasing Popularity of Athleisure Wear

A significant factor that is believed to be the primary reason behind athleisure wear’s rising reign is the remote working. When people started working from home, they slipped into as comfortable clothing as possible.

Needless to say, it soon became a habit and then, a lifestyle. The remote work setup has ended, but it has become extremely challenging for people to get out of the comfortable lifestyle.

That is when people started finding alternatives to those uncomfortable and boring formal clothes. And voila! there was athleisure wear to the rescue.

Although embraced by all irrespective of gender or age group, athleisure wear is especially becoming increasingly famous among office goers.

Athleisure wear helps them stay vogue and comfortable all day and then elevate their whole office look for any event by just adding or removing an accessory.

Not just comfortable, athleisure wear pieces from premium brands like Edrio are exceptionally high-performing and durable. 

Now that you don’t have to repeatedly buy those expensive trousers and yoga pants, how about treating yourself with some head-turning athleisure pieces from Edrio.

Edrio - Redefining Athleisure Wear

Edrio was born to redefine the fashion industry with athleisure wear. Technical materials, pure fabrics, well-researched utility features, finest quality, and intricate runway designs- these are the features that make this brand unique in the crowd.

Athleisure wear is meant to declutter your wardrobe and save you from losing those precious minutes in deciding what to wear and what to carry along for the day.

With multiutility athleisure pieces, you can keep the number of clothing pieces in your closet to a minimum. But those pieces are so multidimensional, that you would not need anything else.

Get in Vogue with Celebrity Athleisure Looks

The fashion industry in India is highly driven by celebrities.

Where people in other countries look forward to fashion shows and runway styles for the season, Indians tend to look at Ranveer Singh or Kareena Kapoor Khan for their styling preferences of the season.

From airport look to red-carpet look, celebrity looks are the real decision-makers of what Indian men and women will wear this season.

If you are one such fashion fanatic, we have compiled a list for you below. Look at the pieces donned by celebrities this season and find resembling pieces below.

  • Deepika Padukone in Yellow Trackset

Deepika Padukone looks so chic yet comfortable in this yellow track set, doesn’t she?And not to miss how effortlessly she is carrying this look with an open zipper and a plain cropped tank top in white. The petite, oval sunnies are only adding to the vogue of the  overall look.

You can style Edrio’s Yellow compact cotton zip up tracksuit with embossed logo for women in a similar fashion and move forward in Deepika’s footsteps. Buy it here.

  • Ranveer Singh in a bright blue tracksuit

Ranveer Singh can make the simplest of outfits look like a million-dollar and now, so can you! 

Elevate this jazzy Ranveer Singh look with Edrio’s Blue zip up tracksuit with embossed logo for men.

 Zip up for a sleek gym or workout look. Or zip down and pair this suit with a printed shirt to resemble the celebrity look above and make heads turn. Buy it here.

  • JLo in a pair of printed workout pants

Not just in India but athleisure wear has charmed everyone internationally as well. 

Jennifer Lopez or JLo, as we like to call her, is more than just a singing sensation. She is an icon- a fashion as well as a lifestyle icon. 

While we all look up to and wish to become her, for now, you can definitely carry her look with Edrio’s printed Black logo series track pants from the latest collection.

Choose to style it with a bold colored tee, a top, or a hoodie but do not forget to add that graceful smile. 

Buy it here. Do not forget to pair these pants with a pair of classy and neutral colored sneakers.

  • Diljit Dosanjh in Black statement T-shirt

As much as we love him for his music and his humbled smile, he is also widely known and appreciated for his fashion sense and styling. 

We are talking about Diljit Dosanjh. And thanks to athleisure wear, the hoodies, the sweat pants, and the oversized t-shirts donned by him have a separate fanbase alltogether.

You can recreate this look inspired by Diljit Dosanjh’s statement t-shirt and camouflage joggers. 

Style Edrio’s quirky logo printed compact cotton t-shirt with any of the track pants and joggers options available on their website. Buy the T-shirt here.

You can even style this t-shirt inside one of the contrasting tracksuit options available on the brand’s website.

Stay in Vogue with Edrio’s Athleisure

Fashion is subjective but what about comfort? Comfort is a universal language. 

Be it office or workout, how well you perform depends a huge amount on how comfortable you are feeling. 

If you are new to the athleisure wear bandwagon, you might want to check out Edrio’s new Spring Summer Collection for 2022. And if you have adopted the athleisure wear lifestyle, get introduced to a whole new dimension of athleisure wear options. Check out the website now!