High-Performing Athleisure Fashion - Is It Here to Stay?

High-Performing Athleisure Fashion - Is It Here to Stay?

It is a well-renowned fact that the fashion industries struggled last year, but activewear and athleisure brands seem to be more prosperous than ever. Track suits, sweatpants, and t-shirts quickly became a staple of our professional wardrobes, as most business meetings take place at home in front of laptops.

Athleisure Clothing: The Ideal Amalgamation of Fashion, a Mobile Lifestyle, and High-Performing Fabrics

Wearing casual yet stylish clothing on almost every occasion and living an active lifestyle is not only a common practice today but also a constantly growing market segment of the fashion industry.

Global sales of athleisure wear are expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. Not just because it is an increasingly popular fashion trend, but because it is practical and wearable by everyone from kids to teens and even the golden-agers.

This provides a better insight into the rapidly growing and diversifying world of athleisure clothing. It also explains why it is vital for brands, now more than ever, to consider better researched and high performing fabrics in this industry.

High-Performance Clothing: What Is It?

Performance apparel is defined as a garment designed to perform or function for a specific purpose.

But as athleisure clothing is rising and evolving, brands are exploring better and more technical fabrics that can make the athleisure pieces lasting, comfy, and better suitable for all kinds of activities.

The high-performance fabric is not evolving in durability but also evolving in technology. Athleisure clothing is becoming increasingly intelligent with moisture management and other techniques like anti-micro bacterial and odor-free technological fabrics.

Edrio’s Women Cream High Rise Wide Leg Trouser is crafted with 100% Polyester yarn with anti-micro bacterial and odor-free technology to provide you ultimate freshness

These high-performing athleisure clothing is helping people stay cool, comfortable, and dry as they move places all through the day.

If you are wondering what the next fashion trend in clothing will be, it is still going to be chic and multi-functional athleisure wear. That explains why functional apparel is one of the fastest growing areas of the global textile industry. 

The Growth of High-Performing Athleisure Clothing

The growth of the high-performing athleisure apparel market can be attributed to lifestyle changes in the majority of the population. Therefore, there is a need for high-tech fabrics and clothing that demand the best performance.

Clothes no longer represent just status and sophistication. Instead, functionality and performance have surpassed those traits. Now, the current clothing needs to serve its purpose.

Despite being utterly fashionable, consumers are attracted to the comfort and versatility that athleisure clothing provides.

Edrio’s Men White Pin Tuck Detailing Track Pant is made with 100% compact cotton that is sure to keep you fresh and comfortable. Not just stylish, this pair of pants is also extremely practical and versatile

Transition to High-Performing Athleisure Clothing- Has It Been Simple?

Consumers’ adoption of high-performing athleisure clothing has been slow. But they are finally convinced that these athleisure pieces are worth the purchase and better than the regular clothing that is far from being comfortable and multi-functional. 

And the high-performance fabric has arrived in the consumer-heavy market right in time for a seamless transition. People are working remotely, and lasting athleisure clothing is what they need. Moreover, it is in the affordable corner of the market.

Edrio’s Women Pink Rib Knit Fitted Dress in the perfect am to pm attire that hustles even harder than you. It is created with rib-knit, stretchable, and high-performing fabric to provide you with a snug fit. Moreover, it is chic enough to add a flare to any look. Be it a business meeting or a party; you can tackle anything with this one without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now that the idea of high-performance fabric and athleisure clothing is becoming widely accepted by all kinds of people, the need of the hour is for the brands to create differentiation and emerge in the market. 

Durability, Sustainability, and Inclusivity

Brands have become increasingly inclined to manufacture athleisure clothing to capitalize on the fashion trend. However, most of the brands have little to no research on athleisure clothing, let alone manufacturing high-performance pieces.

But there is good news and a silver lining in the form of specialized brands whose focus is entirely on creating durable athleisure clothing with well-researched high-performance fabrics. One such brand is Edrio.

Edrio’s Men Beige All-Season Tracksuit with Contrast Panel is made of durable and well-researched high-performance fabric that is also trans-seasonal, thus sustainable

That being said, these brands are also promoting sustainability with their premium quality international standard clothing that is robust and trans-seasonal. So, you don’t have to worry about revamping your closet every three months as the seasons change.

Edrio’s Women Sunny Lime Compact Cotton Zip Up Trans-seasonal Tracksuit is as stylish as it is high-performing and lasting

And as for your body type and size, that is something to flaunt with these brands’ athleisure clothing made of high-performance fabric that is as mobile as you want it to be!

Why Not Try Athleisure Clothing Now with Edrio!

Athleisure clothing is not new. It has been around for decades now. However, it is we that have just embraced it as we deem it to be more practical yet stylish clothing.

So, to sum up, athleisure clothing with high-performance fabric has just started to grow. The market is not going on the down-low anytime soon.

Now, what are you waiting for? Why not try high-performing athleisure clothing from Edrio yourself and find out what the rage is all about!