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Harmony in Diversity: Embracing 5 Distinct Types of Aesthetic

Fashion aesthetics is a global and comprehensive subject. Nowadays, it is gaining immense attention and is back on the acceptance track. The recent surge of Pinterest and Instagram has compelled Gen Z to put forward their clothing choices while paying respect to nostalgic selections.

There are different types of fashion aesthetics for everyone: Short or Tall, Young or Old, and Black or White. It is a lot more than clothing for those who follow it wholeheartedly. Online platforms are abounding with words that you have never heard before like dark academia, normcore, and cottagecore. If you are new to the different range of fashion aesthetics and you are still determining the category that you can you fit into, then this article will surely bring you some clarity.

The right choice of outfits provides essential support for your freedom of movement. Understanding the significance of the correct choice of clothing and accessories is vital for every woman to seek the utmost comfort and luxury. By incorporating the different aesthetics in your lifestyle, you can break free from boredom, hold creativity, and set up your gratefulness for cultural diversity. Let us see how!

Skater Girl

As you can relate to the name, skater girls love skating and they are fond of skateboarding. Often dressed up in baggy clothes to camouflage the skate pads, they can easily hop on skateboards. Makeup is very natural and light as skaters get sweaty. Usually, their hair is combed straight and roofed with a trucker hat. By having these pieces in your wardrobe, you can enhance your personality to a great extent. No wonder, oversized dresses will show off the free-spirited nature of a skater girl.

Pick the most comfortable oversized black beast dress from Edrio to be a Skater Girl

black beast dress from Edrio


Do you want to bring back the 80s as well as the 90s era and rock the world? If yes, then distressed and messy looks trendy. Grunge is a treasure trove of elegance and nostalgia. Just think of wearing A-line skirts, retro prints, heavy combat boots, flared pants, and feminine silhouettes to stay on trend. This fashion trend allows you to celebrate the craftsmanship of bygone eras and create a classy style statement. When dressed up you can add a guitar in the background while clicking pictures and get a vintage feel. This Polaroid can do wonders for your appearance.


Yes, you heard it right! Kidcore is dressing up like a kid. Incorporating fun characters and bright colors is what this fashion aesthetic is all about.  Go to a toy store and hunt for toys of your favorite characters and relive your childhood. Likewise, select women's t-shirts of favorite characters from the 90s and pair them with bright jeans or skirts. To add an extra touch of kidcore, pair your attire with light-up sneakers. The general whimsical vibe of this fashion aesthetic will be a fantastic choice for you.

This yellow alien print t-shirt from Edrio is perfect for a Kidcore aesthetic

 yellow alien print t-shirt from Edrio


The streetwear fashion trend has gained popularity for a few years, thereby making it the best option for several off-duty looks of models and singers. A typical streetwear ensemble incorporates a defiant and urban aesthetic. Bold colors, graphic prints, and oversized silhouettes when paired with casual elements give the best streetwear look. Mix and match different textures with knit sweatpants and a crop top that will add a sprint of coolness to your personality. Last but not least; do not forget to accessorize yourself with chunky jewelry that will reflect the lively energy of the streets.

Black and white trackpant from Edrio gives the coolest streetwear look

Black and white track pant from Edrio



It’s time to channelize your inner badass! Do you love to wear hoodies and jeans with your favorite sunglasses? If yes, then the normcore aesthetic is the best for you. When you plan to head for your errands, then grab the best dark-colored denim and a stylish hoodie. Ankle-length socks and sneakers will enhance your overall look to post a picture on social media. The least make-up is what works the best in this look. The whole vibe speaks about confidence within you. This is the most relaxed fashion aesthetic that most women love to opt for.

This widespread choice of hoodie from Edrio is sure to turn the heads

widespread choice of hoodie from Edrio


By encompassing the different types of aesthetics, you can reform your wardrobe and reveal the world of creativity and individualism. The significance of fashion aesthetics cannot be understated when it comes to women’s comfort and well-being. Whether you opt for a grunge look, skater look or bohemian look, you are sure to find the aesthetics that connect your inner being.

Fashion is the most effective form of self-expression. It embraces different aesthetics in your wardrobe and allows you to celebrate the exquisiteness of different styles and patterns. Here, we discussed the perception of harmony in diversity by joying down the five main types of fashion aesthetics.