How To Style Oversized T Shirt | 16 Stylish Outfits 2023

How To Style Oversized T Shirt | 16 Stylish Outfits 2023

Do you love being a fashionista, but you run out of unique ideas to style your basics? We know the deal! 

So, with this blog, we will help you create some exceptional styles using the most basic and overused but also the most loved clothing piece from your wardrobe.

Yes! Your oversized t shirt. So, buckle up!    

Why Oversized T-Shirts Are a Fashion Staple?

An oversized t-shirt is a fashion statement that has been gaining a lot of attention recently.

Oversized t-shirts are usually made from a looser-fit material that drapes across the body in a relaxed way and can be worn for any occasion. 

They are extremely versatile and look great with almost everything, be it a pair of jeans and sneakers or even up-styled with a skirt and heels. 

While they used to be associated with a more casual look, they are now being worn as a form of statement fashion. They can also be a great way to express yourself and show your unique style. 

With their relaxed fit and effortless look, they are one of the trendiest pieces of clothing this season in 2023.

You, too, can be a part of the oversized t-shirt bandwagon if you learn how to wear a oversized t shirt. Keep reading to learn more!

Understanding the Different Kinds of Oversized T-Shirts

- Basic Oversized T-Shirt: This is a classic, plain, and straightforward oversized t-shirt. It usually comes in solid colors and is made from soft, comfortable materials like cotton or jersey. Basic oversized t-shirts are versatile and can be paired with various bottoms, making them a wardrobe staple.

 Neon Green Raglan Sleeve Solid Oversized Women T-Shirt

Neon Green Raglan Sleeve Solid Oversized Women T-Shirt from Edrio is a great example of a basic, plain oversized t-shirt.

- Graphic Oversized T-Shirt: These t-shirts feature bold and eye-catching graphics, designs, or slogans printed on the front or back. Graphic oversized tees are an excellent way to showcase personal interests, support a cause, or make a fashion statement.

 Edrio’s White Doodle Print Oversized T-Shirt

Edrio’s White Doodle Print Oversized T-Shirt is great when you want unique graphics.

- Vintage Oversized T-Shirt: Vintage-style oversized t-shirts often have a worn-in look, distressed details, or retro-inspired graphics. They are designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia and are popular among those who appreciate vintage aesthetics.

- Tie-Dye Oversized T-Shirt: Tie-dye patterns have made a comeback, and oversized t-shirts are no exception. These t-shirts come in a variety of vibrant and colorful designs, offering a bohemian and free-spirited vibe.

 Women’s Tie & Dye Sorrento

Women’s Tie & Dye Sorrento Oversized T-Shirt from Edrio

- Longline Oversized T-Shirt: Longline t-shirts are longer than regular t-shirts, often extending past the hips or even to the knees. They can provide a more elongated silhouette and are sometimes referred to as "t-shirt dresses" when they are long enough to be worn as dresses.

 Women’s Black Beast Oversized Piece

Women’s Black Beast Oversized Piece from Edrio can be used as a t-shirt dress as well as a longline oversized t-shirt.

- Crop Oversized T-Shirt: This style combines the oversized fit with a cropped length, typically ending above the waistline. Crop oversized t-shirts are a fun and fashionable option, especially during warmer months or for layering over high-waisted bottoms.

 Women White Something Special Crop Top

Women White Something Special Crop Top from Edrio is an oversized cropped one.

- Distressed Oversized T-Shirt: Distressed oversized t-shirts feature intentional tears, cuts, or frayed edges, giving them a worn and edgy appearance. They are favored by those who prefer a more grunge or streetwear-inspired style.

- Logo Oversized T-Shirt: These t-shirts prominently display brand logos, often oversized and positioned front and center. They have become a popular choice among fans of streetwear and high-fashion brands.

 Edrio’s Sky Blue Bougainvillea Print Oversized T-Shirt

Edrio’s Sky Blue Bougainvillea Print Oversized T-Shirt for Women is a great logo oversized t-shirt.

How to Find the Perfect Oversized T-Shirt for Your Body Type?

  • Consider Proportions: If you have a petite frame, opt for slightly shorter oversized shirts to avoid overwhelming your figure. If you are taller or have a larger build, longer and roomier styles may work better.
  • Fabric Matters: Choose lightweight and drapey fabrics for a flattering fit. Avoid stiff materials that add bulk.
  • Neckline and Sleeves: Experiment with different necklines and sleeve lengths to find what complements your body shape best.
  • Embrace Tailoring: Tailor the t-shirt if needed to ensure it enhances your silhouette without being too boxy.
  • Try Before Buying: Always try on the t-shirt to gauge how it looks on your body before making a purchase.
  • Colors and Patterns: Dark colors and vertical stripes can create a slimming effect, while bright colors and patterns can add interest and draw attention.

Why is Oversized T Shirt Styling Crucial for Your Outfit?

If you are one of those who like to stay on top of the fashion trends and are always on the lookout to style chic and fashionable pieces in the best possible way, then you must have wondered how to style an oversized t shirt and what to wear with oversized t shirt.

But with the fit, form, and casual look of the oversized t shirt, you must style it properly, so you don't look like you are coming straight out of bed.

As much as oversized t shirts do offer an effortless way to express yourself, you need to put in some effort to make your oversized t shirt outfit look well put together.

With so many options to style oversized t shirts, you must know how they can flatter your physique and make you look stylish and event-appropriate.

How To Style Oversized T Shirt Women? 

Women, you must have read a hundred pieces about styling. But all with the same tips! Let’s get styling but with some unique ideas.

If you are a lover of all things comfortable and chic, then you must adore oversized t shirts. Let’s look at some oversized t shirt style female.

1. Style Your Oversized T-Shirts for a Casual Look: Pair Neutrals and Pastels with Cycling Shorts

Whether you want to look ready for a streetwear fashion battle or for the gym, this look is versatile AND cozy max!

Pair your neutral or pastel oversized t shirt with those cycling shorts tucked in the back of your closet. Add a link neck chain or hoops, funky socks, sneakers, and carry your tiniest purse or a fanny pack for a chic look.

Edrio's Women Black Who Cares T-shirt will let you roll the streets in style


2. Dress Up in an Oversized T-Shirt for A Night Out

Have you ever thought of styling an oversized t shirt for a night out or other fancier occasions? Well, you should.

Not only will it make you stand out, but it will also portray your unique fashion. 

Take a skirt- short or maxi, slit or no-slit, whichever rows your boat. Tuck in the tee. Add accessories like a watch or a piece of thigh jewelry (for skirts with slits). 

Complete the look with a pair of boots, and voila! 

Edrio's Women Black Oversized T-shirt will make your party look even fancier!

3. Oversized Tee with Denim Shorts but With a Twist 

You must be styling an oversized t shirt with denim shorts all the time. Then what is the difference between your and Anushka’s style? Look closely!

It’s all the added elements that are pulling her outfit together.

Take your ripped denim shorts and pick out your oversized tee- graphic printed or one with a quote on it would be best. Put the pieces together with a statement belt with a sleek buckle and, of course, some hoops and white sneakers to make it all pretty!

Pro tip: To carry your look properly, ensure the shorts are well-fitted and comfy- neither too tight nor too loose.
Edrio's Women Blue Oversized T-Shirt will help you recreate Anushka Sharma's Oversized t shirt look
Women Blue Oversized Ombre T-Shirt

4. Make It a Dress… 

…But with a twist. A plain oversized t shirt worn as a dress will look plain boring! So, let’s take some inspiration from Kylie Jenner. We all love her (read, envy her), and sometimes her style is simply out of mythology books.

So, take a long oversized t shirt, add a corset, and pair it up with thigh-high boots. You can even choose heels with this look. Now, let your hair down, and enjoy your diva look!

Edrio's Women White Oversized T-Shirt Dress can help you have your very own Kylie Jenner moment

5. Never Go Wrong with Trousers

An oversized graphic t shirt with faux leather straight trousers can never go wrong. Just add your sleekest sunglasses, a layered neckpiece, and a bag, and you are ready to walk the runway.

Get people talking when you pair your faux leather with this Tie and Dye Sorrento Oversized T-shirt

How to Layer for A Chic Oversized T-Shirt Outfit?

Wear high-waisted skinny jeans or leggings as a fitted foundation to balance the loose silhouette of the oversized t-shirt. Throw on a cropped or distressed denim jacket or a sleek leather moto jacket for a stylish contrast and to define your waistline.

Complete the look with chunky sneakers or ankle boots for a modern and effortless vibe. Pair delicate layered necklaces to add a touch of elegance.

For a more playful look, consider knotting the oversized t-shirt at the waist to create a cropped effect. Mix and match patterns in your layers, such as a graphic t-shirt with a leopard print jacket, to showcase your fashion-forward flair.

This Black Casa Amore Oversized T-Shirt from Edrio can help!

Take Your Oversized T-Shirt Ensemble to the Next Level with Accessories


  • Statement Belt: Cinch the waist with a bold statement belt to add definition and flair to the loose fit.
  • Layered Necklaces: Pair delicate layered necklaces to add a tinge of elegance and draw attention to your neckline.
  • Stylish Scarf: Tie a colorful or patterned scarf around your neck or wear it as a headband for a chic and boho touch.
  • Trendy Hats: Top off your look with a fedora, beret, or wide-brimmed hat to exude sophistication and style.
  • Oversized Sunglasses: Rock oversized sunglasses for a touch of glamour and to make a statement.
  • Fashionable Handbag: Carry a structured tote, crossbody bag, or clutch that complements your outfit and adds a polished touch.
  • Layered Bracelets: Stack bracelets or cuffs on your wrist for a trendy and edgy accent.
  • Ankle Boots: Pair your t-shirt with ankle boots to add a touch of edge and elevate the overall look.
  • Bold Earrings: Choose bold and eye-catching earrings to frame your face and enhance your ensemble.

How To Style Oversized T Shirt Men?

Men, men, men! We know how much it troubles you to not have many options when it comes to styling your clothes. But fret not! 

If you think about what to do with oversized shirts, you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have curated a list of unique ways that you can implement to stand out in your oversized tees. 

Let’s have a look.

1. Pair Them Up with Ripped Joggers 

Talk about looking dashing while feeling comfortable. Throw on your favorite oversized t shirt on a pair of ripped joggers, and you will have an excellent streetwear look.

A pair of combat boots will go a long way in making your ensemble complete.


Edrio's Men Biege Roman Faces T-shirt is a piece that you can style with ripped jeans

Edrio’s Men Beige Roman Faces

2. Pair Them with Denims But…

When we say pair your oversized tee with jeans, we don’t mean the usual jeans-tee look. Grab your skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans (Yes! This look can go with various jean styles) and wear an oversized t shirt. 

Add a denim jacket and a link neck chain to complete the look.

You can also add a graphic oversized t shirt on jeans and carry the look with ankle-top sneakers.

Edrio's Men Olive Oversized T-shirt will help you turn heads with your denim look

3. Go Effortless with Shorts

A pair of shorts can go very well with an oversized t shirt. To make the look unique, throw over a flannel shirt on top of the t shirt. And don’t forget your favorite sneakers- the whiter, the better.

Pro tip: Take an oversized tee with a neutral color to make the look pop.

Edrio's Men Yellow Oversized Ombre T-shirt will do the trick here and complete your flannel shirt look.

4. Layer it Up

Thinking about how to show off your drip sweatshirt with an oversized t shirt in chilly weather? Wear your tee, put on the sweatshirt, and reveal the bottom edge of your t shirt.

Quite an edgy look, wouldn’t you say! (*pun intended😉)

Edrio's Men Oversied Self Made Printed T-Shirt can add to your sweatshirt look

5. Sleek It Up

Who would have thought that an oversized t shirt could also work well in a formal setting? Just wear a tee with a pair of well-fitted trousers to give your ensemble a sleek look.

You can tuck in the tee or leave it as it is, as per the occasion.

To add an element of fun to your look, you can add a pair of funky shoes or an ankle-top converse would work, too!

Edrio's Men White Oversized Patch Pocket T-shirt is the ultimate piece to be styled with trousers

While you go and find an oversized t shirt in your wardrobe to recreate all the above looks, don’t forget that accessorizing with jewelry is not just for women. In fact, it will only add to your outfit and make you look more regal.

How To Make Oversized Shirts Look Good? Some Tips 

  • Turn the basic oversized t shirt and jeans outfit into a unique ensemble with accessories and shoes.
  • Know your color. Know what flatters you and what washes you out.
  • Keep the pairing unique. Don’t be worried to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. For instance, you can even couple your oversized t shirt with printed trousers or linen pants of contrasting colors.
  • Keep one focal point of the whole ensemble. It could be your shoes, graphic trousers, or printed oversized tee. 
  • Add an element to pull the outfit together. It can be a blazer, a sport coat, or even a statement belt.

Practical Tips to Maintain and Care for Your Oversized T-Shirts

  • Follow Washing Instructions: Always check the care label for washing instructions, and use a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent shrinking and color fading.
  • Turn Inside Out: Before washing, turn the t-shirt inside out to protect any printed designs or graphics.
  • Avoid Over Drying: Remove t-shirts from the dryer while slightly damp to minimize wrinkles and preserve the fabric's quality.
  • Fold, Don't Hang: Fold your oversized t-shirts to avoid stretching the neck and shoulders that hanging can cause.
  • Store Properly: Store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to prevent discoloration and damage.
  • Handle with Care: Be gentle when wearing jewelry or accessories to avoid snagging the fabric.
  • Spot Treat Stains: Treat stains immediately and spot clean if necessary to prevent setting the stain.
  • Rotate and Rest: Rotate your t-shirts regularly to evenly distribute wear and allow them to rest between wears.

Ending Thoughts 

The best part about fashion is that it is not restrictive. You can play with it as you please and pull out your desired look.

So, if you are looking to recreate the above looks and ideas, try Edrio to find some unique and quality oversized t shirts for both- men and women.

Keep serving lewks!