What to Wear Under a Short Dress: Tips and Ideas for a Comfortable and Confident Look

What to Wear Under a Short Dress: Tips and Ideas for a Comfortable and Confident Look

Short dresses offer endless styling possibilities. You can opt for a short dress for a summer party, a night out or simply to embrace a fashionable and comfortable ensemble. Short dresses showcase your style. Ransack your wardrobe to see what shoes or accessories can transform the dress into a fun and stylish ensemble. You can wear your short dresses for both warm and cool weather. In this blog, we would discuss what to wear under a short dress and above it to enhance your look and create a style statement.

Tips for a Comfortable and Confident Look

Wearing a short dress or finding the right garments can make all the difference in terms of comfort and confidence. The right piece will also ensure a comfortable fit and enhance your overall look. Dressing up for a special occasion or simply chilling in your female shorts in everyday life gives you a confident look.

1. Wear Stockings under your Dress

short dress

What you wear portrays a lot about you. Most females do not want to wear short dresses as they believe they do not have ideal leg form. Short dresses look amazing on toned and sculpted legs. You have an option of wearing stockings under a short dress to be at your comfort. It will put away your anxiety and yes, it will boost your confidence level. Adding stockings under your dress will look subtle and blend well with a dress. 

2. Wear a Tummy Tucker or Shapewear


For a bodycon dress, shapewear is a must. High-waist shapewear with shorts keeps the booty covered and in shape. Your appearance will be ruined if bulges are visible. No doubt, it is difficult to go to the washroom, but wearing a tummy tucker smooths out everything.

3. Nourish your Legs

Women tend to forget to nourish their legs when they wear a short dress. These crucial things are not to be ignored. Moisturizing your legs with cream or oil is a must. Dry or patchy legs are a major turnoff when you wear a short dress. A moisturizer will last for a few hours and definitely enhance your overall look.

4. Wear Denim Shorts under your dress

You can cover yourself by wearing denim shorts under your dress which are not visible, they are extremely flexible and come in various colors that can perfectly blend with the color of your dress. It is comfortable and it's always wise to wear bike shorts to save yourself from accidental slips.

5. Select Minimum Accessories to Elevate the Look

Whether you pick short one-piece dresses or shorts for women, it is not always necessary to amp up the style quotient with accessories. When you wear short dresses, then the biggest accessory is your legs. Limit down the accessories and transform a simple look into a fashionable one. 

However, if you just pick a handbag that matches your dress, then nothing like it. With short dresses carry sling bags, clutch bags, and small handy purses which can give a dynamic appearance.

pink short dress

Wear this cute pink short dress from Edrio and enhance the look with a sling bag


6. Slip-on sneakers or long boots

In fashion nothing is wrong or right, it's about how confident you are with your style. Jazz up your outfit by pairing sneakers, tennis shoes, or Converse with your short dress.

Long boots, knee-high, thigh-high, or ankle boots are all good options to wear under your short dress or shorts. Firstly it helps in keeping your legs covered during cooler times and it is also a casual addition to your cool stylish fashion statement. These do not take the attention away from the dress, in fact it adds a spark to your look.

black short dress

  Get the coolest look in this short dress from Edrio.

7. Wear Leggings under Your Dress

Add leggings or tights to your dress. Tights are thinner, subtle, and blend well with a dress. It does not hamper your look but rather keeps you warm during winter.

You can cover yourself by wearing bike shorts under your dress which are not visible. They are extremely flexible and come in various colors that can perfectly blend with the color of your dress. It is comfortable and it's always wise to wear bike shorts to save yourself from accidental slips.

8. Play with Patterns or Prints in an Oversized Dress

A floral print embraces the freshness of spring and summer by opting for short dresses with vibrant floral prints. Pair them with neutral accessories to let the dress take center stage. To beat the summer heat, the only thing women love to wear is a loose oversized dress for casual outings. These dresses give retro-inspired flair and keep the rest of the look simple.

black oversized tshirt with short

 Try this back-printed short dress from Edrio that will give you a bold and fabulous look

 9. Pair your Dress with Statement Footwear

Compliment your outfit with an open pair of sandals. It is a perfect combination for the scorching hot summers. Go for simple slides or lace-up sandals. Wear casual or fancy shoes, look at what you have in your wardrobe. Even strappy sandals are perfect for a summery and feminine vibe. Pick a contrasting or coordinating shade for block heels. This pair of footwear adds height and stability while being trendy and comfortable. Such combinations offer a juxtaposition of femininity and edge.

  Be trendy and stylish this summer in Edrio shorts and lace-up sandals.


Shorts, one-piece mini dresses, or short skirts all have endless possibilities of styling. When a girl or a woman gets ready for some special day and if she decides to wear a short dress, a question always arises in her mind: what to wear under a short dress that does not spoil her look? Though most dresses are really easy to wear, some of them can be a little tricky to sport. How short is too short, how to wear a short dress modestly, how to look confident in a short dress – these questions are often heard but rarely addressed! Well, not anymore this worry has ended here because there are ample options that will enhance your look and feel. Style yourself in the ways mentioned above and be more confident and comfortable with what you wear. Unlock the world of fashion opportunities with the above-mentioned styles and let your style shine through. Explore and experiment with different combinations creating an attractive and fabulous look.