The Evolution of Men's Beachwear: How to Stay on Trend This Summer

The Evolution of Men's Beachwear: How to Stay on Trend This Summer

A spree to the beach used to be like wearing an old, slackly stained t-shirt with baggy swim shorts. Pairing it with normal flip-flops your way was in trend earlier. But, with time, the fashion industry has hyped its game of beachwear.  Basically, beach wear caters to all age groups, whether it is for kids, women, or men.

Are you planning to take a plunge into the sea and enjoy basking under the sun on the beach anytime soon? Well, then you need to plan your outfits beforehand. The beach is the best place to unwind yourself. The sound of the waves and the hustle-bustle on the beach has its charm. Whether sunbathing or swimming, there is a different beach style that you need to pick for your holiday. However, looking stylish in beach wear is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, picking beachwear outfits from Edrio will surely make your holiday a memorable one. Here in this blog, we will discuss what men would shop for when going for a beach holiday.

Let us have a look at the best beachwear essentials for men while planning to hit the sand.

Tank Vests with shorts: Do not forget to pack the most essential beach item: men’s tank vests. Team up a navy blue vest with a Bermuda and it will be a super cool combination to stun your so-called girlfriend. Moreover, you can get striped tank vests with shorts and accessorize yourself with your favorite aviators. A well-fitted vest with shorts ensures you are all set to enjoy your special moments on the beach.

Be a Stunner at the beach in this Navy Tank Vest from Edrio

White Shirt with Denim Shorts Works the Best: Whenever in doubt as to what to wear, you can go for a white shirt with denim shorts. Get a short-sleeve button-down white shirt and you are good to go for a casual beach walk. A white cotton sporty tank vest will serve as an undershirt for you.

Casual Round Neck T-shirts with Printed Shorts: This easiest beachwear for men is sure to nail. You can go for a tight-fitted T-shirt and printed shorts which you can team up in the daytime. The multicolored pattern has its appeal. Flaunt your six packs in our most relaxed printed men’s shorts. Splashed with various colors, you will fall in love with this outfit.

For a perfect joyful vacation, these printed shorts from Edrio are the best.

Only Bright Colored Bermuda shorts: Men going to the beach in a bare-chested look is just amazing. Wading into the beach water in just Bermuda shorts is good to go. There are several reasons why brightly colored shorts are better for beaches. First of all, bright and light colors reflect heat from the Sun and keep you cool. Secondly, your pictures come out well. So, be a perfect style statement when you travel to your favorite beach destination.

Pair T-Shirts with Swim Shorts / Trunks: To have the best rides, you must opt for T-shirts and swim shorts. This combination is a banker. When it comes to just swim shorts, a tighter-fit t-shirt works well to dip into the water and enjoy all possible water rides. Pick a standard pair of blue or black trunks for yourself and you will not doubt what to wear on the beach.

Cotton Printed Floral or Striped T-Shirts with Cargo Shorts: There is no doubt that floral t-shirts are apt for beachwear. These t-shirts are creating a buzz at the moment and people are going crazy for it. They are airy, lightweight, and pop up in the sunlight. With cargo shorts, these floral or striped t-shirts look good.

Step out of your Comfort zone and wear Edrio’s Cargo Shorts.

Not to Forget Beach Accessories: Not just women, even men love to accessorize themselves and look the best. Do not forget to keep a printed scarf with you. Wearing a scarf on your head is a good option. And, if the combination of outfit and scarf is excellent, then you are sure to go with the latest fashion trend. Apart from this, some other accessories that are essential for you to keep for a beach holiday are hats, bracelets, sunglasses, beach bags, and beaded chains.

Wear Flip-flops on the Beach: Wearing leather and suede footwear is not recommendable at all. One of the most appropriate items for men is Crocs. Rather, go for casual slip-ons or flip-flops that are water friendly. For unexpected chilly evenings, t-shirts, Bermudas, and slip-ons will work the best. It will complete your overall beach look.

Linen Shirts with Crisp Bottom Half: Best to beat the summer heat, linen shirts are best when worn with smart half bottoms. This quintessential summer fabric can nowhere be compared with any other material. Even the crumpled look of linen shirts looks fabulous when on a beach.

Sun Screen is a Must-Have: A 30 SPF sunscreen is mandatory to avoid a beautiful tan. Nobody wants to come back from a holiday completely tanned and fried.  Along with other accessories, make sure to pack a good sunscreen lotion.

Style yourself in these outfits and you will be the attention grabber for all. You can have amazing and blissful holidays if you smarten yourself in the above-mentioned beachwear outfits.


If your beach holiday is all planned, then you need to start your prep right now! Indulge in the casual and beachwear territory of Edrio and pick the best items for yourself. Once everything is set, you should focus on what has to be packed for beaches, clubbing, and other tourist attractions. Here, we have covered everything that men can wear on a beach holiday. These super cool and trendy men’s beach outfits are the top picks for you. Let your body breathe in these awesome outfits.