Selecting Tracksuits for Different Activities: Fitness, Running, and Casual Wear

Selecting Tracksuits for Different Activities: Fitness, Running, and Casual Wear

Are you on the watch for the perfect tracksuit that will keep you comfortable, stylish, and ready for any activity? 

Look no further! 

When it is time to select tracksuits, it is crucial to consider the specific demands of each activity - whether it is fitness, running, or casual wear. 

So, from moisture-wicking fabric to vibrant tracksuit colour that makes you stand out, the world of tracksuits offers a plethora of options to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

In this blog piece, we will guide you through the exciting journey of selecting the best tracksuit for your favorite activities. We will delve into the features that make a tracksuit ideal for fitness enthusiasts, running aficionados, and those seeking a trendy and casual look. 

From the fabric choices that keep you cool and dry during intense workouts to the tracksuit colour that makes a statement, we will help you navigate the tracksuit maze and find your perfect match.

So, if you are ready to venture on a tracksuit adventure that combines functionality, performance, and style, let's dive in and discover how to select tracksuits that make you feel confident and ready to conquer any activity. 

Get ready to unleash your inner athlete, set new running goals, or simply rock a casual and trendy look that turns heads. The tracksuit world is waiting for you, and we are here to be the guiding angel in your quest to find the tracksuit that suits you best.

What Are Tracksuits? 

Tracksuits are athletic clothing sets typically consisting of matching jackets and pants made from comfortable, lightweight materials. 

They are crafted to provide both functionality and style for various activities, ranging from sports and fitness to casual wear. Tracksuits often feature a zip-up or pullover jacket with a high collar and elastic cuffs, while pants usually have an elastic waistband and elastic or zippered ankles.

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blue tracksuit

This Men’s Blue Zip-Up Tracksuit with Embossed Logo from Edrio gives nothing short of celebrity energy.

Tracksuits come in various styles, colors, and patterns, allowing individuals to express their personal tastes and fashion sense. They can be found in classic designs or modern iterations with bold logos, stripes, or geometric patterns. 

Tracksuits are also available in different cuts and fit, from slim and tapered to relaxed and baggy, catering to diverse preferences and body types. You can experiment with options to choose the tracksuit that suits you best.

What is The History and Origin of Tracksuits?

The history and origin of tracksuits can be trailed back to the early 20th century when sportswear started to evolve and adapt to the needs of athletes. However, the tracksuit as we know it today began to gain importance in the 1960s and 1970s.

The tracksuit's roots can be linked to the rise of athletic and leisure activities during that era. As people became more health-conscious and engaged in various sports and fitness activities, the demand for comfortable and functional clothing increased.

The original tracksuit design was influenced by the need for clothing that allowed athletes to move freely and provided sufficient insulation without hindering performance. The tracksuit was specifically developed for activities like running, jogging, and track and field events, where athletes required lightweight garments that could regulate body temperature and wick away moisture.

The Rise and the Popularity of Tracksuits

The tracksuit's popularity expanded beyond the realm of athletics in the 1970s when it began to be embraced as casual wear. Its comfort and versatility made it a favorite among individuals seeking a relaxed yet fashionable look. Tracksuits became associated with youth culture, the rise of streetwear, and the burgeoning hip-hop movement.

Over the years, tracksuits have continued to evolve with advancements in fabric technology and fashion trends. Designers and brands have incorporated innovative materials, such as moisture-wicking fabrics and stretchable blends, to enhance performance and comfort. 

Tracksuits have also seen a revival in recent fashion seasons, with contemporary styles and design adaptations that cater to the demands of modern consumers.

Today, tracksuits are not limited to sports or casual wear but have become a fashion statement in their own right. They can be seen on runways, in street style, and even in high-end fashion collaborations. The tracksuit's evolution from athletic wear to a fashion staple highlights its enduring appeal and the way it has become ingrained in popular culture.

Features of a Tracksuit for Different Activities: Fitness, Running, and Casual Wear

When it comes to selecting a tracksuit for different activities like fitness, running, and casual wear, there are specific features to consider to ensure optimal comfort, performance, and style. Let's explore the key features of each activity.

1. Fitness Tracksuits

purple tracksuit

This Men Purple Regular Solid Hooded, All Season Tracksuit from Edrio will be your perfect workout buddy.

Moisture-wicking fabric: Look for tracksuits made from materials like polyester or nylon blends that have moisture-wicking properties. This helps to keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable during intense workouts by drawing sweat away from the skin.

Stretchability and flexibility: Opt for tracksuits with a good amount of stretch to allow for unrestricted movement during exercises like stretching, weightlifting, or yoga.

Breathability and ventilation: Look for tracksuits that offer proper airflow through mesh panels or breathable fabrics. This helps to regulate body temperature and save you from overheating during high-intensity workouts.

Consideration for specific activities: Depending on your preferred exercises, choose tracksuits that are suitable for cardio workouts, strength training, or yoga. For example, cardio-focused tracksuits may prioritize lightweight and quick-drying materials, while yoga tracksuits may have a more relaxed fit for ease of movement.

2. Running Tracksuits

Brown tracksuit

This Men Beige Regular Zip-up Edrio Drawstring All Season Tracksuit is made from a super comfortable fabric with a liquid finish and is perfect for running. 

Lightweight materials: Opt for tracksuits made from lightweight fabrics that offer freedom of movement and minimize weight during your runs. Nylon or polyester blends are often favored for running tracksuits.

Moisture management: Look for tracksuits with moisture-wicking properties to help keep sweat at bay and prevent discomfort during longer runs. Quick-drying fabrics are also beneficial.

Reflective elements: Safety is important when running, especially in low-light conditions. Choose tracksuits with reflective details or trimmings to enhance visibility and make you more visible to others.

Weather-specific features: Consider tracksuits with insulation or thermal properties for colder weather or tracksuits with breathable panels or mesh inserts for hot and humid conditions. This ensures optimal comfort during your runs.

3. Casual Wear Tracksuits

white tracksuit

This Men White Compact Cotton Zip Up Tracksuit with Embossed Logo from Edrio screams fun and functionality. Looking for a creative and sexy ensemble? Give this one a try!

Style and design: Casual wear tracksuits often focus on fashionable aesthetics. Look for trendy designs, patterns, or colors that suit your personal style. Options with unique details like color blocking, contrasting panels, or logo prints can elevate your casual look.

Comfortable materials: Choose tracksuits made from soft and cozy materials, such as cotton blends or fleece, for maximum comfort during relaxed activities or everyday wear.

Versatile options: Consider tracksuits that can be easily dressed up or down. Look for pieces that can be paired with other wardrobe items, like hoodies or jackets, for a variety of casual outfits.

Fit and silhouette: Depending on your preference, choose between slim-fit or relaxed-fit tracksuits that flatter your body shape and provide the desired level of comfort.

Ending Thoughts

Remember, regardless of the activity, it is important to prioritize the right fit, durability, and quality construction when selecting a tracksuit. These features ensure long-lasting performance and satisfaction. Pay attention to personal style preferences and choose tracksuits that make you feel confident and comfortable during any activity or occasion.

So, what are you waiting for? Get surfing and start shopping for the tracksuit best suited for you on Edrio.