Do you know what the most basic thing we crave every time is? Yes, It's comfort. But to change the revolution of fashion, Edrio has come up with style in comfort. Yes, we know and have used shorts, but have you experienced the trending fashion of printed shorts for men? however, do you know some amazing facts about them? So, here are a few things you like about men's printed shorts.

Do you know how hot these printed shorts make men look? Whether you are going to sports championships or attending parties. These are your favourite pair of shorts, which will complement your personality. Edrio has a clear understanding of our customer's tastes and preferences. Like, such as whether going for a swim or just having a few drinks by the pool, you can always rely on these printed shorts and just match these up with block colour tees or sleeveless T-shirts. These amazing little things are your only entry point on those hot summer days. Wearable and breathable, it will help you get through the summer. The trunk's grommets at the back let air flow and make it comfortable to wear without getting those summer rashes.

The waistband of these printed shorts is elasticized, making them both comfortable to wear and attractive. It's cool and beautiful as well. These boxers are simple to put on and are great for swimming. For your pool party, you can choose from printed shorts for men.

Shorts are quick to dry and simple to wash. These are made of poplin nylon, which dries quickly and is comfortable to wear, while the outer cloth is made of quick-drying cotton. They also come with two front and two rear pockets that have been cut at an angle to make them easy to access. You won't have to worry about where to put your most valuable items. There is a fly in front of most boxers. The fly closure on these printed shorts can be done in numerous ways. Some use a button, others use a chain, and some have an overlap so that the opening is hidden. 

Do you know that boxers now come in a variety of prints? On the Edrio website, you can find some funky and trending printed boxers. Today, you can buy any colour of shorts with any print you want from the market. Since pastel colours are currently popular, they are the most popular. Plauds, vertical stripes, and repeated geometric figures are all common patterns on boxers.

Cotton, polyester, satin, silk, and other fabrics make boxer shorts. These shorts can be tucked in or out depending on the occasion.

These printed shorts go well with a white shirt with an open button and a white cap for a pool party or the ocean. To appear cool and a fashion icon, team a shirt, sports shoes, and sunglasses with mid-length boxer shorts. Because summer is all about colorful outfits, printed boxer shorts and shirts are the best choices for what to wear to the beach.

If you are a party person and quite specific about the outfit, then Denim jackets and one-colour shorts are a great way to achieve a party-appropriate look for your boat party if you're going for a more sophisticated appearance. Last but not least, men’s favourite task is to show off their bodies anytime and every time. Hence, going shirtless at a beach or pool party with your favourite boxer shorts and, of course, a pair of sunglasses to complement the outfit is the hottest look.