Become A Secret Santa

As a part of our larger mission, we have pledged to impact 1 million souls till the year 2023. 

We have organized a Food Truck Sewa that goes across various slum areas of Ludhiana every day, providing food to underprivileged kids and adults every single day. 

As a part of our NGO collaborations under the generous Karuna Mission, we buy each of these meals from our revenue as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to give back to the society.

We are grateful to be able to do our bit to make this world a better place. By being connected to Edrio in any way, you can be proud of being a contributor in this heartwarming journey of giving back . On each Purchase, there is 1 meal being contributed to somewhere in this world. This Christmas, you will be the secret Santa for Someone.

These happy people in Slums waiting for their turn make our day, hope they make yours too.