Edrio originated from a deep desire to provide High Quality Smart and Premium Fashion Wear. It is a Lifestyle Brand which represents Emotions, Creativity and 70 years of Textile Legacy of Oswal Group. Edrio is designed to deliver Ultimate Comfort and Personalized Fresh looks to customers, while creating contemporary styles in Casual and Athleisure wear to be adapted effortlessly in life. Our Mission is to consistently excel while delivering Customer Delight.

Rakhi Oswal
Founder at Edrio

The 70+ years of treasured legacy with Vardhman Group in the textile industry is a family business with its core values and healthy culture. Its parent brand WeSafe ventured in its subcategory of clothing with brand Edrio, while decades of textile experience and customer loyalty sustained and extended to new brand Edrio.


The motive of Edrio is to render its learning and knowledge into new categories inside this brand. Our passion for introducing the latest trends and designs to all the level of people is a divine force which drives our team of internal experts to work with commitment and dedication. Our brand facility is also maintained with great care and safety.


Edrio objective is to introduce high-end fashion with international designs to customers. Delivering customer satisfaction, innovation & service has been our core motive throughout these years, and the same will be continued here also.
Our strategy is to add brand character to our clothing brand, which will boost the fashion trend and the latest designs in our stores for our customers.

70 Years of Legacy of Oswal Group

In Early 50s, the two visionary Oswal Brothers, Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal ji and Shri Rattan Chand Oswal ji started their career with a Sock Knitting Unit from a rented room in Ludhiana. What started as a humble beginning, was soon to become a massive empire of Oswal Legacy.

Leading with so many years of rich experience in the textile industry in India, Edrio is a clothing brand which will still maintain the legacy of trust and fine quality by venturing into premium zone. We are bringing in each category of clothing for you so that you can now shop the quality clothes comfortably under one roof. Our brand adds Luxury and comfort in your clothing lifestyle so get going with our latest fashion trends with the best customer relationship. At Edrio, we values fashion for all group and our quality of products bring in confidence, unconventional styles and premium looking for novel fashion to construct you. Edrio will indulge in part to the company’s values in controlling the excellence of in-house production. We believe fashion is all about your comfort, and product needs to be best to keep you happy. Now Edrio brings in international designs at home which are easily accessible domestically.